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Mobilvetta Tekno Line K.Yacht

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Ultimate Luxury

The award-winning Mobilvetta Tekno-Line is the ultimate in motorhome luxury featuring two unique and versatile ranges.       

For those seeking an unparalleled motorhoming experience Marquis present the spaciously proportioned K-Yacht A-class series. This exclusive range is competitively priced within the luxury A Class sector, but without any compromise to quality or specification.

Inside each Tekno Line motorhome Mobilvetta’s expert designers have created the perfect fusion of traditional hand-crafted style furniture and contemporary Italian design.

The interiors of all models have been sculpted to provide elegant and opulent living spaces whilst innovative and modern storage techniques ensure that each of these well-appointed motorhomes makes getting away from it all a true pleasure. 

Tekno Line motorhomes are built using the latest iTech insulating technology, the range comes with a 100% wood free construction giving a waterproof, heat insulating and stable motorhome guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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Tekno Line K.Yacht Specification

Technical Specification

Weights & Dimensions K.Yacht 79 K.Yacht 80 K.Yacht 85
Fiat MultiJet Diesel Euro 6D Engine 160bhp Manual 160bhp Manual 160bhp Manual
Wheelbase (mm) 4035 3800 4035
MTPLM 3500kg†(opt)|3650kg|4400kg(opt) 3500kg†(opt)|3650kg|4400kg(opt) 3500kg†(opt)|3650kg|4400kg(opt)
Mass In Running order 3500kg/3650kg Chassis 3200kg 3200kg 3200kg
Mass In Running order 4400kg Chassis 3251kg 3251kg 3251kg
Max. User Payload 3500kg Chassis 300kg 300kg 300kg
Max. User Payload 3650kg Chassis 450kg 450kg 450kg
Max. User Payload 4400kg Chassis 1149kg 1149kg 1149kg
Max. Towing Capacity (braked) 2000kg 2000kg 2000kg
Designated Passenger Seats (inc driver) 4 4 4
Designated Passenger Seats (inc driver) 3500kg Chassis† 3 3 3
Overall Length 7440mm / 24’4’’ 6990mm / 22’9’’ 7440mm / 24’4’’
Overall Width 2350mm / 7’7’’ 2350mm / 7’7’’ 2350mm / 7’7’’
Overall Height 2890mm / 9’5’’ 2890mm / 9’5’’ 2890mm / 9’5’’
Rear Garage Aperture Dimensions (mm)# 910 x 1150 710x800 L - 710x600 R 910 x 1150

Bed Sizes

Bed Sizes K-Yacht 79 K-Yacht 80 K-Yacht 85
Drop Down Bed Double 1350mm x 1900mm / 4’5’’ x 6’2’’ Double 1350mm x 1900mm / 4’5’’ x 6’2’’ Double 1350mm x 1900mm / 4’5’’ x 6’2’’
Rear Bed Double 1400mm x 1920mm / 4’7’’ x 6’2’’ Double 2100mm x 1400mm / 6’10’’ x 4’7’’ Single 820mm x 2050mm / 2’8’’ x 6’8’’/ Single 820mm x 1920mm / 2’8’’ x 6’3’’



Data & accuracy: The contents of this publication are as accurate as possible at the time of going to press (Oct 2019), but this brochure should not be regarded as an infallible guide to current specifications, nor does it constitute an offer for the sale of any particular vehicle. Details of performance, dimensions and weights are subject to minor deviations within manufacturer tolerance limits (max +/- 5%).

Note 1: The Mass In Running Order (MIRO) - Weight of the Motorhome equipped to the manufacturer’s standard specification including essential habitational equipment.

Note 2: Maximum User Payload includes Personal Effects Payload, conventional load and the Optional Equipment Payload.

Note 3: Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) - The technical maximum permissible laden weight of the Motorhome.

Note 4: Please ensure that you’ve allowed for the masses of all items you intend to carry in the Motorhome.

Note 5: All data is calculated using metric weights and measurements. The imperial figures quoted are conversions thereof. All dimensions have a tolerance of +/- 25mm.

Note 6: Your Motorhome weights have been calculated with all water tanks empty and you are recommend to travel with all water tanks empty.

Note 7: Warning - Under no circumstances should the plated MTPLM of the Motorhome be exceeded.

Note 8: Heights are measured on an unladen vehicle with the aerial in the lowest position.

Note 9: Bed sizes have been rounded to the nearest inch.

Note 10: The maximum weight capacity for an electric drop down bed is 250kg, fixed rear beds have a limit of 250kg, overcab beds are 250kg and bunk beds 100kg.

Note 11: The optional Automatic gearbox on the Fiat Chassis will increase the MIRO by 18kg and therefore reduce the user payload by the same amount.

# Dimensions quoted are “aperture” height and width and interior garage dimensions may vary.

†If the 3500kg chassis is specified a rear seat belt will be removed.